5 tips on how to manifest with aligned action

I said it before, and I’ll say it again: what manifests results is aligned action. Not just any action. Not “hard work”. But aligned action. Call it intuition, a gut feeling or inspired idea; it’s all the same.

What does aligned action mean? Aligned choices are action-steps that are in alignment with who you are on Soul-level and what you want to manifest. Aligned action always comes from inspiration and has the purpose to get us closer to our goals and dreams. I decided to channel a message from Archangel Metatron (Archangel of powerful transformation) and use that as a guideline to better explain what this really means.

Intentions are the key to understanding aligned action

Our choices are ultimately what gets us tangible manifestations. But you must consider your emotional state and how you think about the actions you take. In other words, your intentions behind your choices matter. That’s because it’s all energy and our vibrational frequency results in manifestations (to read more about that read my blog about How the Law of Attraction works.)

Taking aligned action is about understanding the vibrational “mechanics” behind what you do. Therefore, a lot of people in the self-help/spiritual world spend a lot of time figuring out their feelings and mindset because this is where we find the reasoning behind why we engage in certain behaviours and habits.

If you’re acting out of fear, more fear will manifest. If you believe you need to “work hard” and you act on that by working 60 hours a week, you’ll manifest more hard work. If you act out of obligation, more obligation follows.

So, success is not just about the right mindset or trying to keep a high vibrational emotional state; it’s about what beliefs, thoughts, and feelings we choose to act on which results in the circumstances that manifest. Aligned/inspired action will always come from a high-vibrational place. It will be based on energies like love, freedom, power and more.

How and why most people block themselves from success

What your most aligned action is, will come to you as an idea, knowing or feeling. A lot of the times you already know the steps you need to take. The problem is that many people question themselves and their own ideas immediately when they receive the inspiration…

If you have a goal that is different from where you are now, then the inspired action will be something different as well. You’ll receive an idea or impulse to do or say something that’s new and out of your comfortzone. So, the inspired action will feel good when you finally do it, but initially in the beginning stages it may not feel as good as you think it should.

A very human response is to start questioning your own ideas immediately and your ego will try to find some excuse not to do it. Even when you know it’s the right thing to do, you may question it enough not to go through with it. And so, instead of acting on it, you might have the tendency to do what you’ve always done. This is normal, since every human being has this survival mechanism in their brain which is trying to keep you in situations and behaviours that feel familiar.

However, if that idea is still lingering in your energy field and you’re not acting on it; on one level of your being you’re vibrating on a different level than on another level. When this happens, you are emitting different vibrations into the world, and delaying the process of manifesting your goals. Mainly, because you hold yourself back instead of doing that thing you know you really want or should do.

5 tips to break through our self-imposed limitations

1. Don’t beat up on yourself

Please don’t go into self-punishing mode: this is very human, and I’d honestly be more worried if you didn’t face any egoic resistance when you’re manifesting. That’s our survival mechanism trying to protect us, and every human being has it. The trick is to take the action, instead of letting that part of us win and hold us back.

2. Get comfortable with getting uncomfortable

Understand that doing something different is inherently a part of manifesting new circumstances. If you want to manifest a life for yourself with more abundance, more freedom, more love, more peace etc, you’ll have to get out of your comfortzone. The best tip is to embrace the discomfort as part of the process, since it’s inevitable. In fact, when you question yourself, it means you’re growing! Celebrate change instead of fearing it. Beautiful things lie on the other side of it.

3. Trust your inner compass

Start acting on what you know is right for you. Take the action and start seeing the results show up in your life. It’s easier said than done; many times we have a lot of social conditioning and programming stopping us from making certain choices. I know we can’t always “just do it”. But if you start making small little changes in your life to set yourself free, the whole Universe will move along with you and you’ll start seeing results show up in your life very quickly.

4. Be present in the now

Archangel Metatron’s advice is to get grounded and become present. Yoga and meditation are great practices to incorporate into your routine to get you out of your head and into your body. This way, you’ll see it will be a lot easier to receive the intuitive impulses and act on them.

5. Don’t wait to long with action

And the last piece of advice follows the other ones. No. More. Delays. If you want to say something, say it. If you want to do something, do it. And don’t wait. A little reflecting is always helpful, but don’t over-analyse to the point of procrastination.

Give your manifestation journey a jumpstart…

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