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Are you ready for the next phase in your life? As your manifestation coach, my greatest joy is to help you live a Soulful, authentic, and abundant life. Let’s turn your dreams into reality with Soulful Coaching!

Soulful coaching: one on one coaching & intuitive guidance

Are you clear on what you want to manifest? Have you tried every manifestation technique under the sun, but it’s not giving you the results that you want? You know deep down (and I know too) that you’re meant for something much bigger. You can feel it, but perhaps the lack of result in your manifestation journey has you feeling discouraged and now you’re looking for answers. If this resonates, you’re in the right place!

What is Soulful Coaching?

During the coaching trajectory you’ll gain a lot of self-awareness, as well as answers on questions about manifestation, what it is that’s blocking you and what your purpose & inner power is. More importantly, you’ll be coached to help integrate what you know, take action on your dreams and powerfully attract great results in your life.

I combine the different modalities I’ve learned over the years to be able to offer you a comprehensive coaching experience. Empower yourself by stepping into the best version of yourself and walk the path of greater consciousness, harmony and fulfilment!

The purpose is to:

Personal coaching from anywhere in the world

You can book me as your coach from anywhere in the world! All of the calls are via Zoom, which means that my services are available to you, no matter where you currently reside in the world. 

Another reason I like this way of working is that you can do the coaching sessions from wherever you feel most comfortable and at ease. I understand that talking to a coach about very personal situations and worries can be a little scary. When you have the ability to do it from a place you feel at home, it might help you feel more comfortable.

Why I recommend personal guidance over free resources

Manifesting itself is actually really easy. The thing is; it’s a personal process and therefore, what works for one won’t necessarily work for another. The mistake I see a lot of people make is they assume that if something works for them, it must also work for others; which is not always true. Or the other way around: “if a process worked for them, it should work for me too if I do it the same way, right?”

We all create our lives differently, because we are all different on many levels. The better you know yourself, the more you will be tapping into your own inner guidance system. You’ll have a much easier time aligning with what you want to create and experience and it gives you the opportunity to clearly identify your best steps towards success.

There are many wonderful coaches and manifestation teachers out there that can help! If you have the chance to, I recommend working one on one with someone as that is the most effective way of learning about yourself & how you are designed to manifest.

This is what I want for you

A quicker and easier coaching process

Being able to tap into your inner blocks & restrictions as a psychic is helpful, because we don't need to go through hours of coaching sessions to get to the core of your resistance. This way, we have much more time to focus on positive change, healing and alignment.

Encouragement, support and motivation

Everyone is capable of making their dreams come true, yes also you! I am the mirror to show you that the power to make it happen is already within you. And as your coach, I'll motivate and encourage you to make your own plans and take the aligned action.

Take leaps on your personal and spiritual path

During the coaching trajectory you'll learn a massive amount about yourself, as a physical being and a spiritual being. This time will be another big step in your spiritual awakening, helping you understand yourself better, what your purpose is on earth and how to live a meaningful life.

Personal empowerment and confidence

Even though the readings and coaching sessions will give you a lot of insight, this is not where the power of it really is. Your own success is the result of your own courage and willingness to integrate it. You'll learn the most when you actually practice alignment, instead of just intellectually understanding it.

Book a clarity call prior to booking

Authenticity and honesty are one of my most important values. Booking a manifestation coach is quite an investment; so, I understand you want to be absolutely sure before you make the final decision. This is why you can book a free 15-minute call with me. Together we’ll figure out if I am the right coach for you. Look for my contact info on the contact page or leave a message down below!

This is not a coaching session or psychic reading, so keep that in mind. This is to get to know each other, to see what your expectations are, whether or not I think I can help you and to answer any questions you may have about what I do and offer. Also, please only book the Clarity Call in case you are interested in on-going coaching, not to book a single reading.

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Booking a manifestation coach is for you if you want to:

We all have Soul-level desires that we came here to manifest, Soul-level talents we’re meant to express and lessons we came here to learn.

Booking me as your manifestation coach: what to expect

Reconnect with your Soul's talents & life lessons

Your Soul is a unique expression of Divine Consciousness, which means you possess your own unique combination of Soul-level Talents that make up who you are and how you operate in the world. Learning about them will help you get a better understanding of the choices that are in alignment with who you are, and which choices aren’t. It will help you connect with yourself on a deeper level and give you a blueprint on how you are specifically designed to manifest.

Release inner resistance, blocks and karmic patterns

Equally as important is to gain awareness of your inner blocks, resistance and limiting beliefs that are preventing you from accessing your Souls’ talents and manifesting your goals. This can include (but is not limited to) your subconscious limiting beliefs, past life karma, ancestral patterns & chakra imbalances. Learn how to overcome and transform the inner resistance and receive energy healing to support it. When you transform your own mindset and behaviour, you’ll transform your whole life.

Learn how to manifest lasting results effortlessly

We will go through a series of exercises that are part of a step by step manifestation technique tailored to you and your desires. Once you know this technique, you can use it again and again to manifest whatever you want. Together we’ll work on setting powerful intentions to manifest results (so don’t worry if you haven’t figured out what you want yet!). I’ll give you everything you need to know to figure out the best next steps to take to energetically align yourself with your desired reality.

Manifest tangible, lasting change

The real power of your Akashic record is not in the channeled information I give you, but it’s in what you do with it. So, the most empowering part of this journey is how you implement all of it in your daily life in practical ways. You hold all the power over your own reality and what changes you want to make. Of course, I will coach you to help you find practical ways of implementing what you’ve learned and making the changes you want to make.

practical information

I always tailor my services to your needs, so this is why I have given many options below. If you book a call with me, we’ll work out together what is best suited for you and I’ll create an offer specifically for you!

The starting package always forms the base, additional sessions are optional. If you have previously booked a Soul Realignment reading with me, the starting package isn’t necessary. 

All of my services, also coaching, are available in Dutch as well as English, as I am fluent in both languages.

Book a clarity call or ask a question

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