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The Home Energy Clearing session is a distant energy cleanse to remove any negative energies from your home or office!


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The Home Energy Clearing is a distant energy cleanse to remove any unwanted or negative energy from your house or working space. Firstly, I use my psychic abilities to identify what (or who) is causing unease in your home or office, and then I use an extremely powerful, effective spell to clear and protect your space.

When I am done, I send you a written message with all of my intuitive findings along with a confirmation. In my experience, it’s helpful to share my intuitive insights, as it creates clarity and closure, helping you to put it behind you without any lingering questions or fears.

When you or a loved one senses an uneasy energy it can be incredibly frustrating and scary. On top of that, when lost Souls attach themselves to a house it causes all kinds of problems for the inhabitants like nightmares, lackdis of sleep, drama, and more. Especially children experience these difficulties because they are the most sensitive and open to it. They might even pick these energies up as shadows, voices, or they even see them visually which can be very scary.
This is why the Home Energy Clearing is one of my favourite services to offer, because it can make a massive difference to your peace of mind and that of your loved ones who share this space with you. We all deserve to live in a home where we feel safe, relaxed and at ease!


Do you need to visit my home for the energy clearing? No, I don’t need to visit a place to clear it effectively. Even when I don’t know how a place looks like, I can effectively work to clear the energy in your home or office. I tune into the energy of a property intuitively, which I can do remotely.

Do I need to be home when you do the clearing? Also no! As long as I have your permission to do the work, you can do what you want.

How do you deliver the reading? When you have booked your Home Energy Clearing, I will perform the clearing within 7 days. When I have done the clearing, I send you the written message with my intuitive findings along with the confirmation.


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