Manifestation Blueprint Reading

This reading reveals the secrets of your Soul; how you are designed to make changes and manifest new, positive results!


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Your manifestation blueprint is the step by step guide I channel from your Soul’s Akashic Record that will tell you howyou are specifically designed to manifest. It won’t exactly tell you what to do, but it will be the guide you can use when you are deciding the steps you need to take on your path. Do you ever wonder if a certain choice or manifestation technique is going to help you or not? This guide will give you that exact answer! It is a list of your Soul’s character traits and when you live in alignment with it, you will manifest your goals with ease.

The thing is, it may not immediately resonate, because a lot of us identify ourselves with certain character traits that aren’t actually ours. This is because society promotes certain behaviours, for example; extroversion, making step by step plans, being goal-oriented etc. It can also come from family & culture influences and what we’ve been told about ourselves. However, not all of us are meant to be they way we have been telling ourselves we should be. I know from personal experience that this can take a moment to adjust to if that’s the case, as it will definitely shift your mindset about yourself and the way you do things.

The Manifestation Blueprint will give you clarity about:

  • Your main Soul-level gifts and talents (& their shadow side) held at your 5th Dimensional Soul-level
  • Your Organising Principle, which is another part of your 5th Dimensional aspect
  • The 7 character traits part of your 7th Dimensional Self, that determine how you are designed to make changes in your life

Practical info

This is a live 1:1 reading! After booking I will send you an e-mail to make an appointment together, which is why it’s important you give me an email address you read. The reading will be held via Zoom and recorded, giving you the chance to listen back to the reading whenever you want!


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