6 Reasons To Become A Soul Realignment Practitioner!

Let me share my personal experience with you on being a Soul Realignment practitioner and why I think it’s a great idea for anyone to join! 

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What is soul realignment?

Soul Realignment is a holistic, spiritual technique developed by psychic medium and spiritual teacher Andrea Hess. Soul Realignment offers a form of energetic healing intended to provide deep insights into someone’s Soul essence, blocks, and purpose. It combines intuitive reading of the Akashic Records and energy healing techniques to help people get an understanding of their Soul’s path and remove any barriers that might be limiting their growth and progress.

Through this work you’ll learn how to discover the Soul’s innate nature, origins and history as well as Soul-level gifts, character-traits, how we create our own reality and how to energetically clear old patterns of negativity that we have created through past choices. 

Soul Realignment is based on the belief that each individual has a unique Soul with a specific energetic blueprint. This blueprint contains information about the Soul’s past experiences, choices and patterns of past lifetimes. These energetic imprints can impact a person’s current life, affecting their relationships, career, health, and well-being.

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How does Soul Realignment work?

By accessing the Akashic Records (a metaphysical library that holds the records of all Souls’ blueprints), a Soul Realignment practitioner can help others discover their Soul’s talents and purpose in this lifetime. By understanding their Soul’s essence, individuals gain clarity on their life’s direction and make more aligned choices.

One of the essential aspects of Soul Realignment is identifying and clearing energetic blocks and negative patterns that may be holding someone back. When these blocks are karmic in nature, they originate from past choices or unresolved issues, and often create repeated cycles of challenges and limitations in someone’s life. By addressing and releasing these energetic imbalances, people can experience profound shifts in their circumstances and attract more positive experiences.

What makes Soul Realignment unique as an energy healing modality?

Soul Realignment stands out from other energy healing modalities due to its unique combination of elements that delve deep into someone’s spiritual journey and energetic imprints while also remaining highly grounded and realistic. Here are some of the key differentiators that set Soul Realignment apart in my opinion:

Akashic Records Focus

Andrea Hess places a strong emphasis on the Akashic Records, which contain a comprehensive record of a Soul’s past experiences and choices. By accessing these records, practitioners are able to provide detailed insights into an individual’s Soul history, karmic patterns, and life purpose.

Soul Blueprint Analysis

The core concept of a Soul Blueprint, which contains an individual’s unique gifts, talents, and purpose, is a defining feature of Soul Realignment. This in-depth understanding of one’s Soul essence offers a level of clarity and specificity that sets it apart from other energy healing approaches.

Energetic Block Removal

Soul Realignment focuses on identifying and clearing energetic blocks and negative patterns at their root, often of karmic origin. Soul Realignment places a unique emphasis on the understanding of deep-seated karmic issues that may be responsible for recurrent life challenges.

Personalised Guidance 

Students of Soul Realignment learn how to offer highly personalised guidance in their sessions, allowing the clients to identify choices in alignment with their Soul’s true essence.

Comprehensive Insight 

Soul Realignment aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s life path, including the root causes of challenges, their soul’s history, and practical steps for alignment with their Soul’s essence. Additionally, topics such as karma, spirit guides, manifestation, and more are discussed in-depth, making the practitioners “walking spiritual libraries” (in Andrea’s words) after completion.

Pragmatic, Empowering Approach

While teaching her students how to give effective energy clearing and intuitive guidance, Andrea Hess provides grounding and practical viewpoints to the various spiritual concepts. Andrea frequently reminds her students that everyone creates their own reality, and changes their own circumstances, through their own choices on the level of action.

my personal experience

Her programs and courses have been the most life changing I have done so far. It’s hard to put into writing how it changed me, but what I’ll say is that I now know how to manifest actual results in the physical reality through choice. I finally have trustworthy techniques on how to shift and clear negative patterns, and how to create lasting changes in my life; changes that I’ve been wanting to make for a long time. Secondly, it got me ready to be the Spiritual Coach I wanted to be. I now have the wisdom, tools, and techniques to help my clients to create a Soulful, fulfilling life. 

I am passionate about what I do and beyond excited to share it with you! I recommend watching the free online training and reading the page in the link above, which will give you lot of insight into what you can expect. If you are seriously interested in joining the Soul Realignment certification program and you’re looking for someone who has done the program to talk to about it, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

How will you know Soul Realignment is right for you?

Curious about Spirituality

If you are curious and open to exploring metaphysical concepts, Soul Realignment could be the right fit. This program delves into topics like the Akashic Records, karma, multi-dimensionality and many more soul-level insights, making it ideal for those who are seeking a deeper understanding of their spiritual essence.

Interest in offering Readings

This program teaches their students how to give in depth readings and energy healing by offering a large number of lessons and protocols to prepare the readings. Soul Realignment also includes lessons on how to structure a session and the basic principles of running a business as a spiritual guide.

Ready for Energetic Healing

Soul Realignment involves clearing energetic imbalances and negative patterns. If you are open to the idea of energy healing and believe that addressing energetic blocks can lead to positive transformations in your life, you may find Soul Realignment to be a suitable program.

Excited for a Holistic Approach

For those who see well-being as a holistic concept encompassing spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects, Soul Realignment aligns with this perspective. The program views life challenges through a holistic lens and seeks to promote overall well-being by addressing root energetic causes.

Wanting Clarity on Life’s Challenges

If you are facing recurring challenges and seek clarity on the root causes of these issues, Soul Realignment is incredibly beneficial. The program aims to identify and clear karmic patterns and energetic blocks, providing a comprehensive understanding of the factors contributing to life challenges.

Willing to Take Full Responsibility

Soul Realignment encourages you to take responsibility for your choices and align your actions with your soul’s essence. If you are ready to embrace personal responsibility and make conscious choices aligned with your authentic self, this program can be transformative.

Why I loved it so much

And you'll love it too!

FAQ about Soul Realignment

In addition to encourage students to engage in self-work, Andrea Hess urges students to conduct their initial readings for practice clients. This deepens understanding of the lessons and is a requirement for obtaining certification at the end of level 1. Opting for the certification to establish a spiritually based business equips you with all the tools and expertise needed to start with confidence.

Nevertheless, Soul Realignment is equally well-suited for those exclusively pursuing personal growth, healing, and transformation, in which case working with practice clients is not necessary. Even without practice clients, one can proceed, complete, and get significant benefits from the entire program, with the only drawback being the absence of a certification diploma at the end.

Absolutely! Even if you don’t consider yourself intuitive (just like me prior to the program), there’s no need to worry. Through practical implementation and consistent practice, the program guides you in developing your intuition. Each lesson builds up towards the practice with easy-to-understand explanations, minimizing confusion and vagueness. In short, Soul Realignment is beginner-friendly, offering valuable lessons whether or not you have prior experience in energy healing or channeling. Everyone, regardless of experience level, can gain something from this program by being open to it.

Yes, your psychic abilities have the potential to improve significantly through practice, regardless of your starting point. You’ll learn to develop these abilities and enhance your energy healing skills using a pendulum. The first module explains how to begin working with your pendulum, making it accessible for those unfamiliar with it. Most of the channeling in Soul Realignment involves specific, carefully formulated questions designed for easy pendulum use and precise answers. By asking and recording these questions, you create a comprehensive picture of someone’s Soul Blueprint and their blocks and restrictions. With experience, intuitive answers may come to you even before the pendulum responds.

Yes! You may have learned that we are the creators of our own reality. With the Law of Attraction, we can manifest what we want… Right?

If so – why do certain difficult circumstances cycle back, no matter what you do? Why is so hard (even seemingly impossible) to manifest the things we want sometimes?

Manifestation is certainly real! However, negative subconscious patterns of thought and behaviour, sometimes present for lifetimes, might subconsciously limit your success. In order to finally transform your circumstances, accessing the Akashic Records to reveal these patterns is the key.


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