Hi there, I am Iris!
And this is my story...

Get to know me a little...

My name is Iris Emmy, and I am a certified Soul Realignment practitioner and certified Life Coach. My greatest joy is to inspire, motivate and guide others to manifest a fulfilling life and live life according to their highest potential.

A lot has been said, written, spoken, and shared about Manifesting and the Law of Attraction. For years I researched it and honestly, no manifestation technique ever seemed to work. The more time went by, the more I started to realize I was missing something, and that certain information wasn’t adding up! I felt confused and as if I was missing a big part of the puzzle.

Why I do what I do...

For years I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life and when I finally did find my muse in acting, it seemed impossible to achieve a successful career. I had debts piling up I didn’t know how to pay off as I had barely enough to afford food, let alone having enough to invest in my future.

This created a necessity for me to figure it out. To find what that the “secret” really is. I knew I had no choice but to make something of my life or else I would continue to live my whole life in lack, struggle, and depression. I wasn’t going to let that happen.

Intuitively, I always knew one thing for certain: we create our own reality. But the question was, how?! After years of researching, learning, and practicing with several spiritual teachers, I can finally say I with conviction that I understand it.

This year, I paid of most of my debts, doubled my income and managed to manifest the resources and people I needed to start my own dream business. The opportunities that I manifested this year are almost magical.

The fun thing is, it’s not magic. It’s natural! It is the consequence of my own inner alignment.

How I became the spiritual coach I am today

I found the perfect modality in Soul Realignment, which taught me how to find alignment with my Souls Blueprint and how to work through my inner blocks and resistance.

I found that manifesting isn’t just about thinking positive and feeling good all the time (and hoping for a miracle) like a lot of New Age teachings tell you.

I found that Manifesting your Dreams is about living in alignment with who you are in your everyday life by making choices that align with your truth.

I also know that doing shadow work is an integral part of this journey. Understanding where your inner blocks and resistance is lets you know how to make the changes necessary in order to fully heal and break through your limiting patterns.

Not only did this modality deeply transform my own life, but now I also get to do this work for others! I find it highly fulfilling and every single session energises me as I get to witness my clients find greater alignment and get tangible manifestations as a result.

My coaching sessions and readings are designed to help you live in greater alignment with your Souls Blueprint and therefore, also to help you manifest your hearts desires.

This is what I do

And how I can help you

So, now I get to teach, inspire, and coach others to manifest their dreams too. Whether someone gets personal 1 on 1 coaching with me or decides to be part of my YouTube or TikTok community; my goal is to share helpful, practical guidance to help you on your way to living a fulfilling life.

As a person, I am highly rational and pragmatic, which are qualities I express as coach as well. I understand the Laws of the Universe and I use my psychic abilities to get a lot of the information. However, to me, it always needs to serve a purpose. What I am good at is to ground all the knowledge I get psychically in a practical way. The focus is always on you and where you can make lasting changes.

I am the right coach for you if you’re ready to make real changes in your life. However, I might not be the right coach for you if you’re looking for a short-cut. I expect my clients to be committed to their alignment and therefore, committed to making the changes necessary to achieve said alignment.


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