Manifestation Coach &
Reiki Energy Healer

Yes, you can achieve your dreams! As your guide, I’ll remind you of your manifestation abilities and help you achieve your desires. Let’s kickstart this journey positively and tap into your full potential to create abundance and fulfilment.

Hi there! I am iris...

I believe that inner, personal transformation leads to the manifestation of our desires. Everyone deserves to be the master of their own destiny. And I believe that everyone, with the right knowledge and tools, is capable of achieving this. 

My desire for you is that you shed the layers of conditioning that are holding you back from living in alignment with your highest potential and fulfilment. 

You will be guided to remember your strengths and to let go of what isn’t you, so you can start living your life as your beautiful, authentic and powerful self. Mindset, behaviour and energy healing are all combined together to give you a holistic, practical and easy way to change your life!

What I Specialise In:

Success isn’t a milestone or position to achieve. When you live your life from the heart and soul; success follows.

Work with me

Empower & transform your life through the wisdom of the Akashic Records!

The Manifestation Secrets of Your Soul

The Manifestation Reading is a very personal and detailed guide, channeled from your own Akashic Record. It reveals how you are designed to make changes in your life and attract new, positive results! You’ll gain an understanding on your Soul-level talents and the character traits that you can utilise to align and achieve your goals! Manifestation made easy!

Soul-level Transformation & Healing

The Akashic Record Reading is a no-nonsense reading in which I combine energy healing with practical guidance to catapult you into more alignment. I’ll talk about your Soul’s talents, primary life lesson, as well as the blocks standing in the way of you and your desired goals. When you transform on the inside, your outer reality will transform as well.


Akashic Record Reading: what is it & how can it help you?

You will receive & learn:

Become an Energy Healer yourself!

Join the program that made me the spiritual coach I am today

SoulRealignment is a spiritual program created by founder, psychic medium and spiritual teacher Andrea Hess. It’s an extensive and powerful method of energy healing and reading, paired with a ton of practicality and realism.

The good news is: you don’t need to be psychic to start this program. The program itself will teach you a clear and easy technique to get accurate, detailed channeled information, every single time you use it (really, without fault).

You can take this program as a personal development program (even if you don’t intend on doing readings for others) and/or to learn how to do readings and Soul-level healing for others with the help of the Akashic Records.

The techniques prove themselves to give precise and highly accurate results, every single time I use them. This is why I am a proud affiliate of the program that changed my life, as well as the lives of my clients!

Empowering, confronting (at times), exciting and definitely life-changing. Want to learn more?

Blog posts

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Full Moon in Virgo
Iris Emmy

The Full Moon in Virgo: Time For More Meaningful & Healing Practices

The Full Moon in Virgo on February 24 highlights a balance between pragmatism and intuition due to Mercury and Saturn’s alignment with the Sun in Pisces. It’s an ideal time for meditation, visualizing, and acknowledging your needs, particularly regarding health and personal growth. The period encourages grounded spirituality, releasing perfectionism, and honouring alone time. Self-awareness and compassion become key as subconscious patterns may surface, offering a chance for transformation and healing.

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