When I conduct a reading for a client, I tap into an incredible spiritual resource: the Akashic Records! Envision the Akashic Records as an expansive energetic database containing information on nearly everything, encompassing the nature, purpose, history, and origins of the Soul itself!

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This post is dedicated to those of you who are considering to enrol in the Soul Realignment Certification Program. Soul Realignment is an intuitive energy healing program, designed to teach it’s students how to conduct Soul-level intuitive readings and energy healing for themselves and their prospective clients.

This program changed my live completely and although I know this program won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, hopefully this reaches the Souls who resonate with it’s purpose. In case you already made up your mind – sign up with the link here!

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What is Soul Realignment?

Soul Realignment is a holistic, spiritual technique developed by psychic medium and spiritual teacher Andrea Hess. Soul Realignment offers a form of energetic healing intended to provide deep insights into someone’s Soul essence, blocks, and purpose. It combines intuitive reading of the Akashic Records and energy healing techniques to help people get an understanding of their Soul’s path and remove any barriers that might be limiting their growth and progress.

Soul Realignment is based on the belief that each individual has a unique Soul with a specific energetic blueprint. This blueprint contains information about the Soul’s past experiences, choices and patterns of past lifetimes. These energetic imprints can impact a person’s current life, affecting their relationships, career, health, and well-being.

How does Soul Realignment work?

By accessing the Akashic Records (a metaphysical library that holds the records of all Souls’ blueprints), a Soul Realignment practitioner can help others discover their Soul’s talents and purpose in this lifetime. By understanding their Soul’s essence, individuals gain clarity on their life’s direction and make more aligned choices.

One of the essential aspects of Soul Realignment is identifying and clearing energetic blocks and negative patterns that may be holding someone back. When these blocks are karmic in nature, they originate from past choices or unresolved issues, and often create repeated cycles of challenges and limitations in someone’s life. By addressing and releasing these energetic imbalances, people can experience profound shifts in their circumstances and attract more positive experiences.

How will you know Soul Realignment is right for you?

Can Soul Realignment teach you how to manifest your dreams?

Yes! You may have learned that we are the creators of our own reality. With the Law of Attraction, we can manifest what we want… Right?

If so – why do certain difficult circumstances cycle back, no matter what you do? Why is so hard (even seemingly impossible) to manifest the things we want sometimes?

Manifestation is certainly real! However, negative subconscious patterns of thought and behaviour, sometimes present for lifetimes, might subconsciously limit your success. In order to finally transform your circumstances, accessing the Akashic Records to reveal these patterns is the key.

You can read more about how the Law of Attraction works in my blog: https://irisemmy.com/how-the-law-of-attraction-actually-works/. I also urge you to check out this webinar Andrea created!

FREE WEBINAR: “Akashic Records: Manifesting Demystified”

This link takes you to a free webinar from Andrea Hess explaining manifestation in a completely new, grounded and practical way to clarify why you may have been experiencing struggles.

You’ll even receive a replay if you can’t make it to the “live” event! You can sign up here:

Does Soul Realignment help to improve psychic abilities? And if so, how?

Yes, your psychic abilities have the potential to improve significantly through practice, regardless of your starting point. You’ll learn to develop these abilities and enhance your energy healing skills using a pendulum. The first module explains how to begin working with your pendulum, making it accessible for those unfamiliar with it. Most of the channeling in Soul Realignment involves specific, carefully formulated questions designed for easy pendulum use and precise answers. By asking and recording these questions, you create a comprehensive picture of someone’s Soul Blueprint and their blocks and restrictions. With experience, intuitive answers may come to you even before the pendulum responds.

Is Soul Realignment suited for beginners with no prior experience?

Absolutely! Even if you don’t consider yourself intuitive (just like me prior to the program), there’s no need to worry. Through practical implementation and consistent practice, the program guides you in developing your intuition. Each lesson builds up towards the practice with easy-to-understand explanations, minimizing confusion and vagueness. In short, Soul Realignment is beginner-friendly, offering valuable lessons whether or not you have prior experience in energy healing or channeling. Everyone, regardless of experience level, can gain something from this program by being open to it.

Do you need to give readings to others, or can you do this for yourself?

No, giving readings to others is not mandatory. While Andrea Hess strongly advises practicing on clients to deepen understanding, she emphasizes that it’s entirely your choice. Soul Realignment can transform your life through self-practice. The course is rich with wisdom, prompting reflection on your subconscious patterns and aiding in finding Soul-level alignment. By the end of level 1, you’ll have a clear understanding of your purpose in this lifetime and how to live in alignment with your Divine Soul Blueprint.

My honest opinion and personal experience!

Although the pros outweigh the cons by far for me, this wouldn’t be an honest post if I didn’t share the potential downsides of it. After sharing what I love the most about Soul Realignment, I’ll share the things that might put some people off who are looking for something different. Sharing my personal experience and thoughts hopefully helps you in making a decision in case you are considering to enrol in this program.

What I love the most about Soul Realignment

A realistic, empowering approach to manifestation

Before discovering Soul Realignment, I had been on a spiritual awakening journey for years, primarily learning from content found on social media platforms. Despite my efforts, nothing seemed to change in my life, leading me to search for answers about the challenges I was facing. Social media often presents quick fixes and vague teachings, offering only temporary relief. I yearned for a more grounded, realistic, and effective approach to manifestation and healing, which I found in Andrea Hess’ program, Soul Realignment.

Andrea Hess has the talent to teach very spiritual concepts in a no-nonsense and pragmatic way. It’s easy to follow and very empowering!

Increased confidence as an intuitive reader & healer

The primary reason I enrolled in this program besides my personal quest, was to learn how to provide valuable, accurate psychic readings and energy healing. Before Soul Realignment, I had studied tarot and became a certified life coach but lacked the confidence to offer paid readings. I sought techniques to enhance my intuitive abilities and understand who or what to connect with for accurate answers. This program instills confidence by providing numerous helpful protocols for preparing readings, ensuring you can consistently offer valuable, highly accurate insights. Overcoming imposter syndrome, this program equipped me with the confidence needed to launch my own spiritual business.

Some more things I loved about the Certification Program

  1. Soul Realignment courses are highly structured and well-organised, with life-long access to all the course materials.
  2. She gives you an abundance of materials to structure your sessions.
  3. During the certification program you are encouraged to find 5 practice clients to work with. You immediately get to put what you learn into practice and you’ll also have some experience to start out with when you finish the program.
  4. As I am putting what I’ve learned into practice by doing sessions with my clients, I am continuing to learn a great deal about the nature of the Soul, the spiritual development journey, and how we create our experience.
  5. The level of self-awareness this course brings with it is astonishing. Even if you never want to do this work professionally, it’s truly something that has catapulted my own spiritual awakening to a new level and transformed my life completely!

Why you might not like Soul Realignment

Healing through intend and action

Firstly, this program won’t teach you emotional and mental healing techniques. The program is highly pragmatic and focuses on soul-level healing and transformation through action. It is designed to help you heal spiritually, give clarity about the root causes of your problems, and consequently aid you in changing your life’s circumstances by motivating you to take new, aligned action. This program is ideal if you’ve been searching for a way out of unwanted, difficult, and stagnant circumstances in your life, but it’s not if you’re solely seeking emotional healing. As long as you have clear expectations about what this program can do for you, it has the potential to change your life like it did mine.

Andrea Hess is honest

She’s the most realistic and honest spiritual teacher I have ever come across, but also slightly blunt at times. She doesn’t beat around the bush, even if the truth might be hard to hear. I adore this about her, but if you are looking for a spiritual teacher with a soft communication style, Soul Realignment might not be the program for you. Don’t expect any ‘wishy-washy’, abstract metaphysical concepts or philosophies either; everything she teaches has a purpose – to provide you with the knowledge you need to actually change your life and manifest results. She doesn’t waste a single minute philosophising about wishy-washy concepts without any practical purpose to them.


In conclusion, Soul Realignment is a transformative and empowering program that combines Akashic Record wisdom with energy healing techniques. It offers a unique approach to understanding one’s Soul essence, identifying and clearing energetic blocks, and gaining clarity on life’s challenges. Soul Realignment stands out from other energy healing modalities with its focus on soul blueprint analysis, personalised guidance, and comprehensive insight. Whether you are seeking personal growth, healing, or aspiring to become a professional in this field, Soul Realignment provides valuable lessons and tools. It is beginner-friendly and has the potential to enhance psychic abilities. Overall, the program offers a realistic and practical framework for manifestation and healing, helping individuals achieve profound transformation in their lives.

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