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How the Law of Attraction actually works!

Law of Attraction techniques are everywhere around the internet. If the Law of Attraction and manifestation are relatively new concepts to you, this may be confusing and overwhelming. Let me give you some clarity!

A lot of the times the Law of Attraction is explained as “like attracts like”, and although that’s partially true, it’s not the whole truth. It’s not nearly complete enough of an explanation, because it really isn’t that simple. If it was, everyone would be a millionaire and be with their Soulmate.

The better way to put it is that your reality is a reflection of your vibration. In other words, in your reality you “attract” people and circumstances that match your vibration. Your vibration is (simply put) made up of your body, mind, emotions, and your Soul.

In essence it’s about energy, vibration, and frequency

Everything is energy: everything physical and non-physical. Everything you can see and everything you can’t see; also, all of those layers that make up who you are as a whole integrated being. You are basically a bunch of vibrating particles walking on this earth.

You send these vibrations out into the world you live in which then materialize and create your reality. This is how you “attract” your circumstances. I like this perspective the most because it’s the most powerful one. You really are the creator of your own reality, no one else! Not the Universe, or your Spirit Guides, but YOU. Maybe we should start calling it the Law of Creation instead of the Law of Attraction! I personally find that a more accurate and empowering way to put it.

How do we use this to manifest?

The more powerfully an energy exists within you, the more powerfully it shows up in your circumstances. Let’s say your dominant energy is undeservingness. You may not necessarily feel that way, however if you believe you’re not deserving, and making choices that reflect these beliefs, you’re very likely to manifest circumstances that reflect this energy.        

This is why it’s not a matter of saying “your thoughts manifest in your reality”, or “it’s how you feel that attract results”, because all of it matters. Your Soul-level vibration (including your past life karma), your subconscious beliefs, your thoughts, your dominant emotions, your health, and your choices. All of this is energetic in essence, and all of it makes up who you are. And since we are integrated beings, all of these have an effect on each other. This is why ALL these parts of you matter. Since all of these layers contribute to the vibrations that you emit out into the world.

Mastering the art of manifestation

I get the feeling this may sound overwhelming, and you may think “but that’s way too much to take into account!”. I know you may want me to say there is a “shortcut” to this. Or that all you have to do is think positive like some will say. Or to “just feel good”. But I’d be kidding you if I told you that. I believe authenticity is more important than just sounding interesting, which is why I tell you the whole truth, not halve of it.

Manifesting through the Law of Attraction is something we all do always, whether consciously or subconsciously. Just like gravity, it always happens, we cannot not manifest! However, the key to mastering manifestation to where you can consciously manifest positive results, is tending to our own subtle vibrations. It’s learning to make choices from a place of alignment, creating a winners’ mindset, healing your past pains, and building the resilience to deal with life’s challenges. This takes years to master, but once you do: you’re unstoppable.

My aim is for you to be as confident about your manifestation skills as I am now. Maybe even more than me! Because when you reach that place, you’ll manifest your desires with ease and joy!

Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to wait years for your manifestations! But it will take that long to get to a point where you feel like you really mastered it. And that’s an amazing personal place to be.

Give this journey a jumpstart with manifestation coaching…

If you book manifestation coaching with me, I’ll personally channel your Manifestation Blueprint from your Soul’s “database” and give it to you during our sessions together. This information tells you exactly how you’re designed to manifest and is all you need to become an absolute MASTER manifestor in your own life. We’ll also work on your biggest blockages and use energy healing as well as practical steps to get you to your dreamlife.

Interested? Don’t hesitate to give me a call, Whatsapp text or e-mail! Together we’ll figure out if I am the right guide for you at this moment.

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