Akashic Record Reading

This is a highly transformational reading to assist you on your spiritual awakening journey by helping you remove the roadblocks to your Soul’s Path. Are you ready to increase your self-awareness and transform your life?

What is an Akashic Record reading?

This session is a detailed reading to help you reconnect with who you are at Soul-level. This session helps you to get to know yourself at the deepest levels of your being and to remove the inner resistance that prevents you from expressing you full potential!

So, if you allow me to access your Akashic records (aka your Souls memory!) I will be able to uncover your Soul-level gifts, as well as the karmic patterns that are blocking you from accessing these gifts and manifesting new results. Together we will lift these blocks and restrictions and align you with your authentic self. This session will give you an understanding about who you are at the deeper levels of your Being and will empower you to start living life on your own terms.

Why is it that so many people have a hard time manifesting their dream life?

The truth is that we all, throughout all of our lifetimes, make choices that aren’t in alignment with who we are. This is a good thing, since the contrast of these choices serves our growth and expansion as a Being. However, human beings are creatures of habit, which causes us to create patterns of behaviour and patterns of thoughts that hinder us to manifest the things we want. They become such an integrated part of us that these behaviours and thought patterns become subconscious and therefore, automatic. This inner resistance can block you from manifesting the results you want in a way you may not even be aware of consciously. These inner blocks can look like past life karmic patterns, limiting beliefs, generational imprints and much more, a lot of which most of us are not aware of.

What I will help you do during the reading as your intuitive coach

I bring awareness to these subconscious parts of you, by channeling your Akashic Records before our session. I bring the information to the reading and together, we’ll work on finding ways to transform the resistance into alignment. I help you bring awareness to these hidden parts of you and thereby turn the subconscious into conscious behaviour and thoughts. This is the most powerful and profound work you can do to change your life. It helps you take the reigns and take your power back by no longer letting your subconscious run the show. We’ll work out which action steps you can take to leave behind the resistance and to step into the most powerful version of you. I’ll help you remember your inner power and abilities to manifest a fulfilling and abundant life for yourself.

How can this reading help you?

Some practical info

I use a combination of energy healing and practical coaching to lift these inner blocks and to help you decide on which changes you want to make in your life. The purpose of the reading is to realign you to your true Soul’s Blueprint and to start living your life in alignment with who you really are and want to be.

You can book this for yourself, but you can also book this session on behalf of someone else. However, when you book it on behalf of another person, there must be a close connection. In any case you must have permission from this person except when they are:

  • A minor child under 13 years old you have care for (check out Soul Realignment for kids)
  • Someone you take care for who you have financial responsibility for
  • A spouse
  • A loved one in Spirit

If the individual you book the session about is one of the connections above, I will be able to do the full reading. However, in all other cases you need permission or I cannot access their Akashic Record. 

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